Try Setting Up Your Next Service Appointment Online

More and more functions are going online these days, and the side effect to that is usually saving time. And since time is money - as they say - we here at Umansky Motor Cars wanted to find a way to do that for you.

That is why we put an online service appointment setting tool on our website. This streamlines and simplifies the process and gets you an appointment faster, freeing you up to do the things that you really want to do. Just find the timeframe that you want, find an opening, and set it. Unless you have a special circumstance or concern, this will normally be all you need to do.

But don't worry. Our service department is always here to assist you on the phone or in person if you need. That won't ever go away. Whether you need some expert advice or just would rather continue to set your appointments with a live person, there is always someone here to assist you in the Milwaukee area.

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