Reasons to Consider a Luxury SUV

Minimizing and downsizing are a popular trend right now, but sometimes only an SUV can get the job done. A sedan simply is not designed for some types of tasks. If your future involves towing or off-road use of any kind, you need to consider an SUV or crossover for your next vehicle.

SUVs are made to be tougher than a sedan. They often have more durable suspension systems and transmissions. They also have more ground clearance and can handle rough terrain easily. They offer advanced features, such as differential shifting and sway compensation, specifically designed to handle the load. SUVs offer more horsepower too, which means less strain on your engine.

If you want to take the road less traveled, or perhaps go where there is no road at all, it may be time to stop by Umansky Motor Cars and test drive a new SUV or crossover.



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