Check Out the New BMW 5 Series at Umansky Motor Cars

The BMW name is synonymous with luxury and performance. No other BMW line matches that ethos like the 5 series. While the 7 series is a large luxury boat and the 3 series is made up of small roadsters- the 5 series is solidly in the middle. These vehicles are larger than your typical sedan but smaller than the super large frames of the BMW 7 Series.

The 5 Series features that shine the most are the ones that are also available in the more expensive 7 series. All of the safety features that are present in that line are also standard on any of the 5 series. Lane assist, automatic parking controls, auto stop, and many other safety features make the 5 series one of the safest in the class.

Check out the new BMW 5 Series. Visit our showroom at Umansky Motor Cars today!



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