The Volkswagen Jetta Is Designed for You to Love Your Commute

The Volkswagen Jetta is a beautifully built compact sedan that is redesigned to be one of the most driver-friendly vehicles out there. The Jetta is so comfortable that you aren't going to want to exit the vehicle after your commute is done. Here are a few design features that make the Jetta so great.

V-Tex Leatherette Seats

The V-Tex seats in the Jetta are both stylish and comfortable; ventilated to keep you cool in the heat, and heated to keep you warm on those cold winter drives.

Futuristic LED Lights

The LED headlights on the Jetta are futuristically designed to last longer and shine brighter so that you can see better while driving at night and others can see you easier; not to mention they are more stylish. You can take a test drive in the Jetta when you visit us at Umansky Motor Cars. Come see us in the Milwaukee area!


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