Volkswagen Beetle Offers Safety and Style

Over a span of decades, the Volkswagen Beetle has endured as a bestselling car worldwide. It's a popular compact car that is consistently referred to as a classic.

Even though the VW Beetle has a vintage appeal, it does come with important safety features that modern-day drivers have come to know and expect including an automatic post-collision breaking system. If a collision doesn't bring your car to a stop, this system will slow your car down and help to reduce the likelihood of any additional impacts.

The VW Beetle is also available in a choice of colors, including vivid options such as habanero orange metallic and tornado red. For car buyers who like a more classic look, pure white and deep black pearl are options.

Take a VW Beetle for a test drive today. Visit Umansky Motor Cars at our convenient Milwaukee location to see all that the VW Beetle has to offer.



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