The BMW 5-Series is one that delivers smooth acceleration and handling that is pristine. There are several powertrain options depending on how much horsepower you desire behind the wheel. The interior of the car is quiet, offering a comfortable experience when you're on the road in Milwaukee.

Four people can comfortably fit inside the vehicle. Several luxury options are available from Umansky Motor Cars for the 5-Series including seats that massage and doors that close softly. Another option is a power trunk lid that can open and close with little effort, especially if you find that your hands are full and you can only push the button to open the trunk.

Some of the powertrain and engine options include a four-cylinder design that is fuel-efficient and a hybrid that plugs in and charges instead of relying on fuel all the time for operating your vehicle. There is also a twin-turbo V8 option that provides a bit more power behind the wheel.


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