The BMW X1 Is A Party of Five

The new BMW X1 is automotive ingenuity at its finest and for good reasons. This luxury-compact SUV has it all from superior handling to outstanding good-looks. Consumers can expect an exciting ride that's like nonother, especially when it comes to this particular class.

The BMW X1 hosts a spacious cabin that can seat as many as five individuals. In addition to that, legroom and headroom is plentiful. Some of the finest of leather can be found in the cabin as well as advanced technologies. Keeping you engaged with what's going on is critical as the X1 provides a phenomenal Head-Up display. This display can show navigation features, speed and temperatures in a translucent-like way. On top of that, HD radio is being offered as well as a seven-speaker Hi-Fi system for earth-shattering sound.

We welcome all SUV enthusiasts to visit our location as soon as possible to test drive the new X1.

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