The Volkswagen Beetle Is Engineered for Safety and Performance

The Volkswagen Beetle is a classic and a modern delight. Volkswagen has enhanced this popular compact car with engineering meant to keep you safe and limit dangers even if something goes wrong.

Engineers designed the structure of the underlying safety cage to create crumple zones that absorb energy from an accident and limit its impact on you. The rigid frame makes the driver and passengers a priority with a protective shell of high-strength steel. Throughout the vehicle, seven stability-enhancing systems boost performance to keep you out of trouble when the unexpected happens.

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Check the Car Before Heading Back to College

At this time of year, many college students are back home for their summer break. It will be just a few short days before these students are heading back to campus. Now is the time to make sure that your family's college student has a car that is in great condition.

Before your college student heads back to campus, take your student's car in for regular service. During this time, make sure that the vehicle is thoroughly inspected. 

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Reasons to Consider a Luxury SUV

Minimizing and downsizing are a popular trend right now, but sometimes only an SUV can get the job done. A sedan simply is not designed for some types of tasks. If your future involves towing or off-road use of any kind, you need to consider an SUV or crossover for your next vehicle.

SUVs are made to be tougher than a sedan. They often have more durable suspension systems and transmissions. They also have more ground clearance and can handle rough terrain easily. 

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Check Out the New BMW 5 Series at Umansky Motor Cars

The BMW name is synonymous with luxury and performance. No other BMW line matches that ethos like the 5 series. While the 7 series is a large luxury boat and the 3 series is made up of small roadsters- the 5 series is solidly in the middle. These vehicles are larger than your typical sedan but smaller than the super large frames of the BMW 7 Series.

The 5 Series features that shine the most are the ones that are also available in the more expensive 7 series. All of the safety features that are present in that line are…

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Experience Luxury: The BMW 3 Series

The BMW 3 Series sedan has been around for over 40 years and is still a popular choice when considering a small luxury vehicle. The sedan comes in different styles and has many different options, so you can customize it to be exactly what you desire in a car.

BMW offers luxury choices like leather and leatherette seats, wheel options, handling and technology packages. The technology available in the 3 Series with the head-up display, iDrive, and iPerformance available. There are also custom choices in rear-wheel or all-wheel drive and fuel types.

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The Luxurious BMW 7 Series

The BMW 7 Series is the top luxury line developed by BMW. This line of vehicles is noted for its great reliability, and the 7 Series has an abundance of features that have been developed to make driving the most comfortable that it can be.

All of the models in the BMW 7 Series are equipped with a Bowers & Wilkens Diamond Surround Sound System. This sound system has such superior sound that it seems as if the musicians are right there in the vehicle with you. The BMW 7 Series also features the convenience of touch command for all options…

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BMW 2 Series Combines Luxury with Sport for Ultimate Driving Experience

The BMW 2 Series is everything you'd expect from a BMW, and combined with both coupe and convertible styles, this car is any driver's fantasy. It's capable of accelerating from 0 to 62 miles per hour in just about 4 seconds and handles turns like a pro.

With many unique customization options available, you can make the car look and feel exactly how you want. But, the 2 Series still has that classic BMW feel that has been present in the cars from day one.

Made with the driver in mind, the 2 Series contains many design…

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Can't See Clearly? You Might Need New Headlights

If your lights don't seem to be shining as brightly as they used to, it's possible your headlights need to be replaced. While you probably get regular oil changes, you might not have considered the importance of regular maintenance when it comes to your headlights.

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Jump Start Another Car Safely Using This Guide

The following guide will help you jump-start your car safely. It is advised you wear safety glasses and work gloves to avoid injury. Get the noses of the vehicles as close as you can. Open the hood to both cars after you turn off the engine and shut off the car lights. Your average set of jumper cables have two red and two black clamps.

One red clamp goes to the positive end of the good battery; the other red clamp connects to the bad battery positive terminal. The black clamp is for negative on the good battery, but the…

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